In Memory of the Days to Come

HD video transfered on 35mm, 80 mn.
Completed in September 2010

Directed by Jean-Christian Bourcart
Written by Jean-Christian Bourcart and Pier-Vicenzo Piazza
Production Le Bureau, Bertrand Faivre and Tristan Goligher
Director of Photography Marcus Burnett

Staring Elodie Bouchez, Jason Fleitz, Jordan Mahome, Phyllis Johnson, Philippe Hartmann


A new level of consciousness is arising from people's capacity to dream together. They will ultimately realize that there is not much difference between the state of dreaming and that of being awake.
Maya, a promising artist, and the elusive Jamel are deeply in love. One night, Maya dreams that Jamel is killed. As she wakes up, she discovers him unconscious beside her. As Jamel's situation deteriorates, Maya has to act quickly in a world that is becoming more and more incomprehensible.


Un différent niveau de conscience se développe où il est possible de rêver en commun. James est un initié qui essaie d’entraîner Maya mais, alors qu’ils sont ensemble dans un rêve, james est tué. Maya se réveille pour découvrir James à ses coté, vivant mais sans conscience. Maya devra se débattre seule pour comprendre ce qui s’est passé.
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